Cake Smash Photography – Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire

A first birthday is always one to celebrate, although in years to come we are probably not going to remember it. So what better way to keep hold of those memories than with a few photographs and that is exactly what this family in Little Chalfont, Nr Amersham decided to do.

Ok, so what are the things we like to remember about our birthday? Is it the presents? Well yes we all like presents. Is it being able to dress up nice? There is that… At the age of one though it’s the cake…

The thing is though at the age of one what are you going to do with a birthday cake? It’s the first time you have had a birthday so how are you meant to know what to do with the cake? Well there is only one way to find out what a one year old will do with a cake and that’s to put it in front of them.

Okay, stop there, before we get into the actual cake smash bit I would just like to point out that it can get a little bit messy. Not to worry as I had allowed a bit of time to get some photos of the birthday boy before he saw the cake. Mum was really good and well prepared and had a few changes of clothes ranging from a suit (not birthday suit) to traditional dress.

With the clean photographs done it was time to start making a mess, bring on the cake.

Well we put the cake in front of the birthday boy and now it was time to see what happened next. It took a short while for things to get going as he seemed to be happy just picking the Smarities off the top? Confidence rising though it wasn’t too long before the hand went in and the mess really started along with some great photographs to remember.

Cake destroyed and fun over it was time to start cleaning up and I don’t just mean the set. The birthday boy also need a bit of a clean up. So, not one to miss an opportunity it was time for the bath to come out.

To end the session we caught some great images as the birthday boy laughed at the bubbles as they floated by and managed to splash everyone in the room.

A fantastic session which I for one thoroughly enjoyed and some great memories for the family.

Buckinghamshire Family Photographer | High Wycombe | Aylesbury | Maidenhead | Slough

Buckinghamshire Family Photographer | High Wycombe | Aylesbury | Maidenhead | Slough

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