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Quick Bite – How to find an affordable photographer near you

I see so many searches looking for a cheap or affordable photographer that I thought I would write a few quick tips on how to find a photographer who will fit into your budget. 

When searching the internet you will find results for bidding sites such as Bidvine and Bark. While these may be helpful you are limited in the replies you will get. These sites make photographers pay to bid and in some cases that could cost the photographer 10-25% of what they are quoting. Understandably then a lot of photographers don’t use sites like this, especially for low value work. You are also limited on the number of replies that you get, it’s a first come first served basis so the right photographer for you may miss out just because they were working and not checking their email.

The other aspect with searching the internet for a cheap or affordable photographer is that the more established photographers have more established websites. The result is that they will feature first in the search results. And let’s face it if they are good enough to be going for so long and have built up a page one search reputation they probably are going to charge higher rates.

So how do you find an affordable photographer within your budget?

Budget - Have a clearly defined budget in mind

Cheap or affordable are very broad expressions. What is expensive to you may be cheap to other people and the other way around. Work out what you are willing to spend and what you would like from it. This will help when you speak to photographers as they will ask this question. It really doesn’t help simply saying, “I would just like some nice photos”.

Be Flexible - Be prepared to move on your budget and what you expect

Negotiation is all about being flexible. You are looking for a cheap or affordable photographer and the chances are what you will need to be able to do is ask a photographer to compromise.

If you are asking the photographer to compromise you will also need to be able to do the same. It may be that you get a shorter session or fewer photographs in return to meet your budget.

Timing - Be flexible on when your session will be

Try to avoid peak times. Most photographers will be busier at weekends, some even anticipate this  charger higher rates for Saturday and Sunday. 

They are not going to take on a cheap or affordable photography session when they can charge full price.

Where possible try and aim for a mid-week photography session instead.

Your Network - Use people you know

If you are still not finding anything within your budget try speaking to people you know. Do they know someone who is studying photography who would like the experience? Or perhaps they know a photographer who is trying to change genre.

Modelling - Could you be the photographers next model?

You may not get the session that you are looking for and may need to stick within the photographers guidelines. Photographers though are always looking for models. It may be a portrait photographer looking to try out a new style or a commercial photographer who needs someone in a shoot. It could also be a student looking for experience. 

It is always worth the ask.

Final Word - If in doubt just ask

It goes without saying if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Some photographers will get upset when you use words like cheap or affordable. Just explain your circumstances though and most will try to help (we are humans after all and not just a camera).

Thank you

I hope that you found this article helpful.

If you would like more information on the types of photography that I offer please feel free to have a look around my website. 

If you have any questions (or would like to find out if I can help in your search for a cheap or affordable photographer) please feel free to contact me via my contact page or on email to


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