One Hundred Portraits - Portrait photography project for Hazlemere & Holmer Green

One Hundred Portraits

Hopefully you have read my last article and you will already know that this year I’m setting myself some personal projects to stop myself getting caught in the creative rut

My first project is a simple one and one that I am still continuing with (I already have other ideas for that project so it’s working). Working on my self portrait though has now allowed me to set my next project. 

This new project though is going to be a real challenge. 

The Brief

To capture one hundred portraits of different people from Hazlemere and Holmer Green and put on an exhibition for the community (I told you it was going to be a real challenge). 

Photography Sessions

To allow me to get through that many people I have already visited The Cedar Barn and have selected that as the venue for the sessions, or to be correct The Stables.

I have decided that I will need five shots of each person to give me a good selection for the final exhibition photograph. For this I needed to allow enough time to take the photographs. To get through one hundred people the session will be held over four different dates. Each session will last ten minutes and due to the cost involved in the project I will need to charge £2.50 per person (see why I need to charge below).

It’s not for nothing though. Firstly you get to have your portrait taken by me (okay agreed that isn’t much of an incentive so have a look below to see what you really get).

What will you get in return?

Your own individual gallery

Each person taking part will get their own individual gallery with their portraits available in both colour and black & white. If you can’t wait for the exhibition or would like to choose your own photographs or digital images these will be able to be purchased directly from your gallery (I will be creating special discounted packages for this project).

The exhibition print

For the exhibition I will be producing a 10″ x 8″ print of each person which is yours to take home at the end of the exhibition.

Win a free photography session

In addition to the exhibition I will also be providing an online gallery after each session. Each visitor to the gallery will be encouraged to vote for their favourite portrait. The person from each session with the most votes will win a £100.00 gift voucher to use against any of my photography sessions.

Win a print of your choice

At the exhibition people will have another opportunity to vote for their favourite image. This time the winner will get to select which print they would like and the size.


How can you get involved?

The dates for the sessions will be released soon (as soon as I have an idea of numbers). If you would like to be the first to know about the sessions just enter your details below and I will email you as soon as they are confirmed (the email address will only be used for this project an not for any other reason).
Please also be aware that this is a public project so the images will be used on my website and/or social media.

An Exhibition With A Difference

I have already planned (in my head) an exhibition with a difference. When I had the vision of this project I didn’t see pictures hanging on a wall, I saw a community. This is something that I want to reflect in the exhibition itself so don’t expect to walk into a room full of photographs hanging on a wall with everyone standing back to look at them.

The exhibition will be set up in a way that will encourage the visitors to walk around and interact with the portraits as the come into view (hopefully that has just sparked a little curiosity).

It will also be a FREE EXHIBITION open to everyone so that all may enjoy that photographs on view. 

Why Black & White Portraits

I just love black & white photography. I think it has to be my favourite format (well that or with a retro style as I’m still an 80’s kid at heart). It’s the contrast that can be generated and the gritty detail that this format can produce.

The obvious choice for the exhibition and the competition galleries then is to have all of the photographs displayed in black & white. It creates a ‘level playing field’ for the judging and an equal opportunity for everyone to win.

Each person who takes part though will receive a personal gallery with both colour and black & white portraits for them to view.

Other Ways To Take Part

I am keen for everyone from Hazlemere and Holmer Green to take part. If you are a local business I don’t want you to feel left out and there are different ways that you could get involved in this project.


This is a personally funded project so if you would like to be involved you could help by sponsoring the sessions (either one or all of them) or the exhibition.


Any form of advertising is always welcome. If you produce anything that goes out to the community or would simply like to put up a poster in your window I would be able to work with you to provide something.


Perhaps you would like to be a part of the project by hosting your own photography session. It would be a great way of getting your customers involved and to get people coming to visit you. All you need is a bit of space for a backdrop and lights.


If you are interested in donating towards the project that would be great. 


If you would like to take part in the project simply complete the form below and I will be in touch.


Why I Need To Charge

This is a personal project that I have set myself, it is something that will allow me to not only be creative with my photography but also in how everything is done and set up. It is also one that will challenge me financially.

Hiring a venue and printing costs soon mount up so I do need a little bit of help with funding for these vital parts of the project. As much as I wanted the project to be free it just wasn’t practical.

Running through the costs the total amount for the venues and printing would have stretched me, a lot. I still wanted the project to go ahead so I ran them again, and again. I wanted to get to the position where I would charge the lowest amount possible with a budget that I could manage. Hence I arrived at £2.50. The cost is within the reach of most people, you would probably spend more on a cup of coffee. It also meant that the amount I was spending on the project was something I could afford.

Any Other Questions

If you have any questions it would be great to hear them. Simply drop me an email to and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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